Project | ME'scope Options

Opens the ME'scope Options dialog box. This dialog box contains several Tabs with options pertaining to the operation of ME'scope.

ME'scope Options Display Tab.

Display Tab

Language list

Changes the display of all of the text in ME'scope to a local language.

A Local language (other than English) is an extra cost ME'scope Option.

Menu Style list

Changes the style for displaying the command menus and Toolbars. Three choices are available; Multiple menus, Single menu, and Ribbon.

Delete User Settings

These buttons are used to restore the Toolbars, Spreadsheets and Folder Tabs to default settings

Toolbars, Spreadsheets and Folder Tabs can be modified to display them differently in ME'scope.

Show Start Page

If checked, the Start Page will be displayed when ME'scope is started.

Show More Prompts

If checked, more prompting message boxes are displayed during the execution of some commands.  

Tile windows on Open

If checked, all open windows in a Project will be tiled in the Work Area when the Project file is opened.

General Tab

ME'scope Options General Tab

User Interface Sounds

If checked, sounds will be made when certain commands are executed.

If an internal error occurs during the operation of ME'scope, the computer will make an "Uh-Oh" sound.  This sound can be eliminated by un-checking User Interface Sounds.

Send Internal Errors to Vibrant Technology

If checked, all internal errors that occur during the operation of ME'scope will be sent to a Vibrant Technology Internet site when the operation of ME'scope is terminated.

Software bugs that cause internal errors are fixed more quickly by Vibrant Technology when you check this function.

Include Contact Email Address

If checked, you will be notified by Email when an internal error that you reported has been fixed.

Number of Edits Undo's

If checked, the number of edits specified in the box provided will be saved in computer memory during editing operations.

Backup VTprj file on Open

If checked and a Project (VTprj) file opens successfully from disk storage, a backup copy of the Project file is stored in the same location as the Project file  If the Project (VTprj) file does not open successfully, the backup file will be opened instead.

Numbers Tab

ME'scope Options Numbers Tab


The format in which numbers will be displayed on graphs and in spreadsheets.

Maximum Number of Digits

The number of decimal digits that will be used to display numbers.