File Menu

File | Save Structure

Saves the Structure file into the current Project file on disk.

File | Save Structure As...

Saves a copy of the Structure file with a new name into the current Project file on disk.

File | Save In Substructure Library

Saves the current structure model into the ME'scope Substructure Library on the disk.

The Substructure Library is an ME'scope Project file named ME'scope Library.VTprj that contains of one or more Structure (STR) files.

Substructure Browser

All of the Structures in the Substructure Library are displayed in the Substructure browser when the Drawing Assistant tabs are displayed.

Saving a Single Substructure

File | Save Graphics in a File

Saves the Structure model graphics into a disk file.

File | Export Structure

Exports the model in the Structure window to a disk file in an external disk format.  When this command is executed, the Windows File Save dialog box is opened.

Exporting a UFF File

The table below shows the Data Set Type that is created when a Structure file is exported in UFF file format.


ME'scope File

Type of Data

UFF Data Type

Structure (STR)

Structure Points & Lines

15 & 82

Shape Table (SHP)



Data Block (BLK)

Time Waveforms, FRFs, Transmissibility's, Auto & Cross Spectra, Fourier Spectra.


Exporting a Structure & Shape Table into the Same UFF File

Exporting Shapes in Global Coordinates

File | Copy to Clipboard Menu

Copy to Clipboard | Copy Graphics

Copies the currently displayed graphics area to the Windows Clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard | Copy Objects Spreadsheet

Copies the currently displayed Objects spreadsheet to the Windows Clipboard.

File | Print Menu

The installed Windows printer must be a graphics printer to use these commands.

Print | Graphics

Prints the currently displayed graphics on the system printer, or into a PDF file.

Print | Spreadsheet

Prints the currently displayed Objects spreadsheet on the system printer, or into a PDF file.\

File | Clone Structure and Source

Copies both the Structure (STR) file and its current Animation Source file into new Structure & Source windows.

When this command is executed, dialog boxes will open allowing you to name the new Structure & Source files.  The following dialog box will also open,

Measurement to Global Coordinates Dialog Box.

File | Structure Options

Opens the Structure Options box.

Many options take effect as soon as they are chosen in the Structure Options box.

Structure Options Box.

Display Tab


Vertical Axis

Background Image

Image locked to Structure

Un-check Image locked to Structure after tracing from the background Image is completed.

Units Tab

These units are displayed in the appropriate column headings in the Objects spreadsheets and in the Drawing Assistant .

Correct Structure window units are not required in order to draw a structure model and animate shapes on it
Structure window units
must be consistent with the Shape Table or Data Block units for certain SDM and FEA commands

Labels Tab

Axes Lines

XYZ Axes


Object Labels

Point Size

Show/Hide Tab

Shows/hides columns of the Objects spreadsheet.

Lights Tab

There are two lights for lighting the Surfaces of a structure model.

Light Controls

Light Positions

Animation Tab

Amplitude and Speed

Animation Source

User Label

Compare Shapes


Videos Tab

Video Quality

Frames per Second

File | Close Structure

Closes the Structure window.

Opening a Window

To open a Structure window in the Work Area,