Selecting Objects

Many operations in the Structure window are performed on selected Objects, or on all Objects if none are selected.

There are several ways to select Objects of the current Object Type;

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key and click near the center of an Object.

  2. Depress the Select button for the Object in the Objects spreadsheet.

  3. Enable Edit | Select Objects | Click Select, and click near the center of an Object in a View.

  4. Execute Edit | Select Objects | Selection Box and draw a Selection Box to enclose Objects in a View.

Using the Object Selection Box

When Edit | Select Objects | Selection Box is executed, the mouse pointer will change to a cross when the pointer is moved inside a View.

Using the Shift, Ctrl, & Alt Keys with the Selection Box

Selecting All Objects

Un-selecting All Objects

Toggle Object Selection

Selecting a Range of Objects in the Objects Spreadsheet