Points Spreadsheet

Lists the properties of all Points on the structure model.

Spreadsheet columns can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them into a new position.
Selected spreadsheet rows can be moved by executing Move Selected Objects Up/Down

Point Properties Spreadsheet.

Label Column

All Points are referenced by their spreadsheet row number & [Label].  The Point Label is used to describe the Point, or for Point numbering.

Point Coordinates Columns

If Length units are specified on the Units tab in the File | Structure Options dialog box, those units are displayed in each Coordinate column heading.

Correct length units are not required in order to build a structure model and animate shapes with it.

Typing in Point Coordinates

To manually enter Point coordinates from the keyboard,

Pasting Coordinates from the Clipboard

If you have already copied Point coordinates to the Windows Clipboard, those coordinates can be pasted into the Points spreadsheet, provided that it has enough rows in it.

You must have enough rows in the Points spreadsheet before pasting coordinates from the Clipboard

To create extra rows in the Points spreadsheet

To paste Point coordinates from the Clipboard,

Center Point

Center Points are used for the following purposes;

A Substructure will rotate if Yes in chosen in the Rotate column of the Substructures spreadsheet.  All Radial Points rotate about the Z-axis of a Center Point during Substructure rotation.

Display Column

Acoustic Area & Normal Columns

These values in these columns are automatically calculated when an acoustic surface it created with the Drawing Assistant .

Deformation Column





Icon Column

Icons are useful for depicting a transducer at measurement Points.  During shape animation, color contours from the animation source are displayed on each Icon.

Rotating Point Icons

Re-sizing Point Icons