Object Spreadsheets

The properties of each modeling Object are displayed and edited in the Objects spreadsheet.

Only the properties of Objects of the current Object Type (selected in the Edit | Object Type list) are displayed in the Objects spreadsheet.

Most operations are performed on selected Objects, or on all Objects if none are selected.

Scroll Bars

Vertical and horizontal scroll bars are displayed if there is more data to display in an Object spreadsheet.

To scroll vertically,

To scroll horizontally,

Select, Hide, Label, Color & Bold Columns

All Object spreadsheets contain the following columns,

Select Object button

Selects or Un-selects each Object.

Visible button

Hides or Shows each Object on the structure model display.


A text label for each Object.


The color for each Object on the structure model.

Bold button

If depressed, the Object is displayed as bold.

Showing & Hiding Spreadsheet Columns

The File | Structure Options box will open displaying the Show/Hide tab.

Reset Spreadsheet Column Widths

Re-Ordering Spreadsheet Columns

Spreadsheet Vertical Scrolling

If a vertical scroll bar is displayed on the right side of a spreadsheet,

Spreadsheet Text Size

Cut, Copy & Paste Text