Animate | Contours Menu

The commands in this menu display shape contour colors and Node Lines during shape animation from an Animation or Comparison Source.

Contours | Node Lines

If checked, Node Lines are displayed during shape animation. Node Lines are displayed as heavy black lines where the shape values are zero.

Normal Versus Complex Shapes

A shape can be displayed in animation either as normal or a complex shape.

Normal Shape

Complex Shape

Animation With Node Lines Displayed.

Contours | Contour Colors

If checked, shape values are displayed using contour colors on the Surfaces.

Contour colors are based on the magnitudes of the shape values.

Contours | Point Icons

If checked, displays shape data using color contours on Point Icons.

Contours | Color Key

If checked, contour values are displayed on a color key in all Views.

This command is only enabled if the Contours Colors command is checked.

Animation With Contour Colors and Color Key Displayed.

Contours | Surface Normal Contours

When enabled, the surface normals are used to determine whether a shape value is "above" or "below" the surface.

When this command is disabled, the contour colors are determined based on the magnitude of the shape values. to enable this command,

Notice that the Color Key shows one color for "positive" values and a different color for "negative" values, as shown below.

Animation of Surface Normal Contours.

Notice that now the Color Key contains colors for magnitudes only, and that the contour colors are displayed differently, as shown below.

Animation of Magnitude Contour Colors.