File | Shape Table Options

Opens the Shape Table Options box.

Display Tab

Formats for displaying shape Phase angles.

Animation Tab

During Sweep animation, the number of Sine Dwell Cycles per Shape is executed before displaying the next shape.

Show/Hide Tab

Shows or hides columns of the Shapes or DOFs spreadsheets.

Contour Colors Tab

Contour colors are used by the following commands,

Contours for Each SubShape

SubShapes are defined by entering names into the SubShape column of the Traces spreadsheet.

High & Low Contour Limits

High & Low Limits are entered into the High Limit and Low Limit boxes above & below the color bar.

If shape data at a Point is only one dimensional (only one of the Animate | Direction commands is checked), then contours are displayed for shape values between Plus & Minus limits.  If shape data at a Point is more than one dimensional, contours are displayed for shape magnitudes between positive Low & High limits.