Importing From a UFF File

The Universal File Format (UFF ) is commonly used for exchanging data between different structural analysis applications.
ME'scope can import & export data in the UFF format.
The most common UFF file format stores everything as ASCII text
Measurement data can also be stored in a binary data format.

Exporting a UFF File

  1. Execute File | Export in any Structure, Data Block or Shape Table window.

  2. Choose ASCII Universal File Format in the Save as type list in the dialog box that opens, and click on Save.

  3. Open the UFF file in a text processor.

Each line of data in a UFF file is arranged in fixed field format.  This means that all of the characters on each line must be precisely in the correct columns to be readable.

ME'scope can import and export the following numbered data sets,

UFF Data Set Number

Type of Data









In UFF terminology, Points are called Grid Points, Lines are called Trace Lines, and mode shapes are called Functions at Nodal DOFs.