File | Import | Data Block

Imports time or frequency domain measurements from third party data files.

When this command is executed, the Windows Open dialog box will open, as shown below.

  1. Choose the appropriate external file from the File Name & Extension list on the lower right of the dialog box.

The File Name & Extension list in the Windows File dialog box contains the names and extensions of all of the third party file formats that can be imported into a Data Block (BLK) file.

  1. Select a file to import, and click on Open to import it

Import Data Block Dialog Box Showing Multiple Files Selected.

Selecting Multiple Files

Some analyzers and data acquisition systems save only one measurement per disk file.

  1. Hold down the Shift to select a range of files listed in the Windows Open dialog box.

  2. Hold down the Ctrl key to select individual files listed in the Windows Open dialog box.

  3. Click on the Open button to open the files.

Measurement Selection Dialog Box

If the selected files contain different types of measurements, the Measurement Selection dialog box will open.

  1. Select the time domain or frequency domain measurements tab, if both are available in the imported files.

  2. Press buttons in the Translate column to select individual measurements.

  3. Click on the Translate button to translate the selected files.

Measurement Selection Dialog Box.

Translate Files Dialog Box

Each measurement listed in this dialog box is imported into a Trace and put into a Data Block file .

Translate Files Dialog Box.