Importing ASCII Text Spreadsheet Files

Many third party software packages can export data in an ASCII text spreadsheet format.  Structure, Data Block and Shape Tables can each be imported from ASCII text spreadsheet files.  ME'scopeVES data files can also imported and exported in ASCII text spreadsheet format.

Creating a File Template

  1. Open any Project that contains a Structure (STR), Data Block (BLK), or Shape Table (SHP) file.

  2. Execute File | Export in the appropriate file window to export the file in ASCII text spreadsheet format.  

When files are exported from ME'scope in ASCII spreadsheet format, they are given different file extensions; (.STS) for Structure, (.BLS) for Data Block, and (.SHS) for Shape Table files.

  1. Open the file in a text processor (such as MS Word) or a spreadsheet program (such as MS Excel).

  2. Paste the columns of data from the third party spreadsheet file into the (STS), (BLS), or (SHS) file.

  3. Edit the header information as required to describe the new data in the file.

  4. Save the ASCII text file to disk.

  5. Execute one of the File | Import commands in the ME'scopeVES window to import the ASCII text file.

  6. See Importing a (Structure, Data Block, or Shape Table) in Spreadsheet Format in their respective Window Command chapters for more details.