M#s Spreadsheet

The M#s spreadsheet contains all of the properties associated with each measurement in a Data Block file.

Some columns in the M#s spreadsheet are only made visible when certain Options are authorized in your software.

  1. Drag the Vertical Blue Splitter Bar to the left to display the M#s spreadsheet.

  2. Or execute Display | M#s Spreadsheet.

If the M#s spreadsheet contains more rows & columns than are currently displayed, scroll bars will appear on the bottom and right side of the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet columns can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them into a new position.
Selected spreadsheet rows can be moved by executing Move Selected M#s Up/Down

Data Block Window Showing M#s Spreadsheet.

Showing & Hiding Spreadsheet Columns

The File | Data Block Options box will open displaying the Show/Hide tab.

Reset Spreadsheet Column Widths

Unique Measurement Numbers (M#s)

Selecting M#s

A selected measurement has a shaded background in the graphics area, and its Select M# button has a green background.

Selecting M#s in the M#s spreadsheet

Selecting M#s in the Graphics Area

Changing M#s Properties

Changing the Property of All (or selected) M#s

Re-Ordering Spreadsheet Columns

Spreadsheet Vertical Scrolling

If a vertical scroll bar is displayed on the right side of a spreadsheet,

Spreadsheet Text Size

Cut, Copy & Paste Text

Visible Column

Shows or Hides each M#.

Hidden M#s are not displayed, and are excluded from all Data Block calculations.

Measurement Type Column

Contains the Measurement Type of each M#

DOFs Column

Contains the DOFs of each M#

Single Channel Measurement

Cross Channel Measurement

Using the DOF Generator

Units Column

Contains the transducer engineering units of each M#..

Color Column

Contains the line color of each M#.

To color all (or selected) M#s using either a Single Color or the colors in the Contour Colors tab in the File | Data Block Options box,

Sound Column

Plays the sound of the measurement through the sound system on your computer.  

Label Column

Contains a text description of each M#.  

Data Type Column

Contains the Data Type of each M#.

Scale Method, Minimum Scale, & Maximum Scale Columns

Contains the scaling method used to display each M#

Auto Scale

Relative Scale

Fixed Scale

Format | Vertical Axis

Date/Time Column

Contains a text date & time of the acquisition or calculation of each M#.   

Group Column

Groups are used for scaling different types of shape data (such as vibration and acoustic data), so that both can be displayed together in animation.