What is a Modal Model?

A Modal Model is a set of mode shapes that has been scaled to preserve the mass, stiffness & damping properties of a structure.

In ME'scope, Residue mode shapes are obtained by curve fitting a set of FRFs.

Uses of a Modal Model

A Modal Model is required as input by the following commands in ME'scope,

  1. Modes | Synthesize FRFs in a Data Block or Tools | Synthesize FRFs in a Shape Table

  2. Transform | MIMO | Outputs in a Data Block

  3. Transform | MIMO | Inputs in a Data Block

  4. Transform | MIMO | Sinusoidal ODS in a Data Block or Tools | Sinusoidal ODS in a Shape Table

  5. SDM | Calculate New Modes in a Structure window

  6. SDM | Modal Sensitivity in a Structure window

  7. SDM | Add Tuned Absorber in a Structure window

  8. FEA | FEA Model Updating in a Structure window

  9. FEA | Calculate Updated FEA Modes in a Structure window