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What is a Measurement Set

To calculate cross-channel functions like FRFs or Cross spectra, or to animate shapes from time waveforms, all active channels of data must be simultaneously acquired.  When all measurements cannot be simultaneously acquired, Measurement Sets should be used to calculate cross-channel functions.

Measurement Sets | Use Measurement Sets

When checked, Measurement Sets can be used during acquisition.

Measurement Sets | Next Set (F4), Current Set, Previous Set (F3)

Changes the current Measurement Set to the Next Set (F4) or the Previous Set (F3).

Measurement Sets | Add Measurement Sets

Opens a dialog box for adding Measurement Sets to the Acquisition window.

New Measurement Sets are inserted following the current Measurement Set.

Measurement Sets | Delete Measurement Set

Deletes the current Measurement Set, and reduces the number of Measurement Sets by one.

Measurement Sets | Show Channel DOFs

Displays the channel DOFs of the current Measurement Set on the structure model in a connected Structure window.

Channel DOFs Showing Input DOF (15Z) and 9 Output DOFs (1X to 3Z).

Measurement Sets | Create Channel DOFs

Enables DOF creation in the Channels spreadsheet.

Before executing this command,

  1. Number each test Point on the structure model in the connected Structure window. (See Draw | Points | Point Numbering in the Structure Window Commands chapter for details.)

  2. Orient the Measurement Axes at each test Point to coincide with the sensor measurement directions.

Execute this command to enable DOF creation, and execute the following steps;

  1. Click near a Point on the structure model to select it.

  2. Click on an axis at the Point to create a DOF for the current channel (highlighted) in the Channels spreadsheet.

When finished creating all Channel DOFs for the current Measurement Set,

Assigning Channel DOFs.