Using the DOF Generator

Used to create DOFs for all (or selected) M#s..

DOFs are optional.  They are used by certain MIMO commands, and for creating Animation equations by matching M# DOFs with Points & directions of a structure model.

DOF Generator Dialog Box.

Each DOF has the format;  Roving DOF : Reference DOF [Measurement Set].

Measurement Set numbers are used to designate all measurements that were calculated from data that was simultaneously acquired.

Measurement directions depend on the type of Measurement Axes used. The notations shown in the Table below are used.

Measurement Axes

Direction Symbols


X, Y, Z


R (radial), T (theta angle), Z (axial)


R (radial), T (theta angle), P (phi angle)


H (horizontal), V (vertical), A (axial)


Single Channel DOFs

Single channel measurements (e.g. Auto spectrum , PSD ) only require a Roving DOF.  To generate single channel DOFs using the DOF Generator,

Cross Channel DOFs

Cross-channel measurements (e.g. FRF or Cross Spectrum) have both a Roving DOF and a Reference DOF.  To generate cross channel DOFs,

Add To DOFs

Retains a portion of each existing DOF, and either replaces or adds to the DOF.

Roving Impact Test

If your measurements were acquired using a roving impact hammer,

Swap DOFs

If your DOFs have a fixed Roving DOF and variable Reference DOFs, you will want to swap them.  The DOF preceding the colon is the Roving (changing) DOF and the DOF following the colon is the Reference (fixed) DOF

Delete DOFs

Deletes the DOFs of all (or selected) M#s.