Structure (STR) Window

A Structure (STR) file contains a 3D geometric model of a test machine, test structure, or acoustic surface on which shape data is displayed in animation.

A Structure window is used for several purposes;

  1. Drawing a 3D model of a test machine or structure.

  2. Animating shapes (ODS's, mode shapes, acoustic shapes, or engineering data shapes).

  3. Creating an FEA model by attaching FEA Objects (elements) to the geometric model.

The SDM , FEA, and FEA Model Updating commands use FEA Objects.
FEA Objects are enabled by the VES-6000 & VES-8000 Options to ME'scope.

  1. Graphical depiction of sensor locations during data acquisition using an Acquisition window.

Adding a Structure Model to a Project

There are several ways to add a structure model to a Project;

To create a new structure model in a Project;

Structure Window in Draw State.