Matching Structure and Source DOFs

There are two requirements for matching the DOF of each measurement (M#) to a Point & direction of the structure model.

  1. The Point number of each test Point on the model must match the Point number in the Roving DOF of the measurement (M#) taken at that Point.

  2. The Measurement Axes of the Point with the matching Point number must coincide with the actual direction of measurement that the measurement (M#) was taken in at that Point.

Point Numbering

To initiate Point numbering on a model,

A floating Number Points dialog box will open, as shown below. You will control the Point numbering process from this dialog box.

Plate With 30 Points Numbered.

Point Label

NOTE:  Point numbering places the Point number in the Point Label of each numbered Point.

Measurement Axes

Each Point on a structure model has its own Measurement Axes.  The Measurement Axes specify the directions in which measurements were made at each Point.

NOTE:  Measurement Axes directions are defaulted to coincide with the directions of the Global Axes, which are displayed in the lower right corner of each View in the Structure window.

The Measurement Axes and Assigned M#s tabs are now displayed above the Points spreadsheet.

Plate Structure Showing Measurement Axes.

Notice that the axis Coordinates are Rectangular on the Measurement Axes tab, and that the axis directions coincide with the Global (X, Y, Z) axes in the lower right corner.  In this case the Measurement Axes at each Point are oriented with the Z direction pointing in the vertical direction, which also coincides with the direction of measurement at each Point.