ODS's of a Plate

In this tutorial, we will build a model of a flat plate and display frequency-based ODS 's in animation on the model.


The following steps will be carried out to display the ODS's of the flat plate;

  1. Create a model of the test article including all of its test points

  2. Import FRF measurements taken from the test article into a Data Block file

  3. Assign the FRF measurements (M# s) to points & directions (DOFs) on the model where the measurements were made

  4. Display ODS's in animation on the plate model from the cursor position in the FRFs

  5. Position the cursor at a resonance peak to display an approximation of the mode shape for that resonance

NOTE:  When an ODS is displayed from the cursor at or near a resonant peak in a set of FRFs, it is usually dominated by the resonance and is therefore a close approximation of the mode shape associated with the resonance.

Animating an ODS at a Resonance Peak.