Script Window.

This window is used for automate the operation of ME'scope. All of the commands in a Script window are executed in sequence when the Script is run.

All of the commands in ME'scope can be added to a Script window and executed automatically. Some ME'scope windows also have a Script menu which contains special Script commands.

Commands & Parameters Spreadsheets

A Script window is divided into two spreadsheets, separated by a blue splitter bar.

The Commands spreadsheet is (above or left of) the blue splitter bar.

The Parameters spreadsheet is (below or right of) the blue splitter bar.

Menu Commands

Menu commands are ordered by command menu (from left to right), and then by the commands in each menu (from top to bottom).

Commands Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet columns can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them into a new position.
Selected spreadsheet rows can be moved by executing Move Selected Steps Up or Down

The Commands spreadsheet contains the following columns;

Target Window Column

The name of the ME'scope window where the current Step will be executed.

Each Target Window must exist in the currently open Project.  If a new Window is created by a Script Step, commands in the new Window can be executed in Steps that follow the creation of the new Window.

Target Window Command Column

This column contains the command to be executed in the Target Window of the current Step.

Select Step Column

Used for selecting a Step. Selected steps can be duplicated, cut, or copied to the Step paste buffer, deleted, and pasted into an Script window from the Step paste buffer

Toggling Step selection

Selecting a sequence of Steps

To select a sequence of multiple Steps,

Execute Step Column

Used to execute (if Yes), or skip over (if No) a Step.

Delay After Column

Used for delaying the Step execution after a Step is executed.

The amount of delay (in seconds) is entered on the Delay tab in the File | Script window Options box.

Step Label Column

Used for labeling a Step. Step Labels can be used as GoTo parameters in certain Script commands.

Open Dialog Column

Used during execution of a Script to open a dialog box for entering parameters for the command in the current Step.

Parameters Spreadsheet

Each row in the Parameters spreadsheet includes the following columns;

Parameter Name Column

A name for a Script command parameter.

Parameter Value Column

A value for the command parameter.

Script Menu in Each ME'scope Window