ME'scope Security System

A complete ME'scope installation consists of the following three parts;

  1. The ME'scope.EXE program and other software files.

  2. A USB Security Key or the Vibrant License Server (VLS) software.

  3. An ME'scope license file named vtxxxxxx.vtl, where xxxxx is your unique license number.

For example, if your license number is 15125, your ME'scope license file will be named vt015125.vtl.

If ME'scope Won't Run

If you get an error message when you attempt to execute ME'scope.EXE, it could be due to one of the following;

  1. Either the USB Security Key or the Vibrant License Server software is not properly installed and functional.

  2. The License file vtxxxxxx.vtl is missing or corrupted.

  3. The vtxxxxxx.vtl license file does not contain your unique license number.

  4. The ME'scope.EXE software is corrupted.

After checking the above items and reinstalling the software, if ME'scope still does not run, contact Vibrant Technology for assistance.

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The license file vtxxxxxx.vtl authorizes the operation of the ME'scope Package & Options that you purchased.
The About box lists the Package & Options authorized by your license file vtxxxxxx.vtl.

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