Importing a Data Block

Time or frequency measurements can be imported into ME'scope from third party disk files.  After the data has been imported, it is saved in a Data Block (BLK) file as part of the currently open Project file.

In this example. data from a automotive disk brake rotor will be imported from several Universal File Format (UFF) files.

All of the files of the type (UFF) format will be listed in the dialog box.

Selecting Multiple Files

Some analyzers and data acquisition systems save only one measurement per disk file.  However, in order to define ODS's or mode shapes, multiple measurements must be imported into one Data Block (BLK) file.

Windows Open File Dialog Box Showing Multiple Files Selected.

Translate Files Dialog Box

Next, the Translate Files dialog box will open displaying properties of each imported measurement in a spreadsheet.

NOTE:  All of the measurement properties can be edited in the Translate Files spreadsheet or in the M#s spreadsheet in the Data Block window after the Data Block has been imported.

In none is selected, then all measurements will be imported.

A new Data Block window will open showing the imported data.

Translate Files Dialog Box.

Data Block Displaying Imported FRFs.