Making a Video

Making a video of the shape animation is the best way to document ODS's or mode shapes. A video of shape animation is a sequence of animation frames saved into a Microsoft Windows WMV file.  The commands in the Video Menu in the Structure window are used to create videos of any animated display in the Structure window or the ME'scope Work Area.

To create a video

Notice that there are two Source lists on the Toolbar, (the Animation Source List and the Comparison Source List).  Shapes from the Shape Table (SHP: Mode Shapes) are displayed on the left hand structure model, and shapes from the Data Block (BLK: FRFs) are displayed on the right hand model.

Notice that the Line cursor in the Data Block window moves to the closest frequency to the shape frequency in the Shape Table.

Comparison of Mode Shape & ODS

The ODS displayed on the right hand structure is being dominated by the resonance defined by the mode shape shown on the left hand structure.  The MAC value  = 1 on the red bar in the upper right corner indicates that the two shapes are identical to one another.

Next, the floating Make Video box will open.

ME'scope Showing the Make Video Dialog Box

During movie making, you can interact with the structure display using commands in the Structure window or in the current Animation Source window.

After you press the Stop button, the video will be added to the Project as an Added file, and the Windows Media Player will open, playing back the video.