Sampling Tab

The Acquisition window acquires finite length blocks of time domain data from all active channels of the connected front end

The Sampling tab is used to setup the following data acquisition parameters ;

All other parameters in the Time and Frequency groups are calculated from the Time Number of Samples and the Frequency Span.
See the DFT and FFT section in the Signal Processing Commands chapter for details.

Acquisition Window Showing the Sampling Tab.


Defines the number of spectrum estimates to be used during the calculation of the calculated measurement functions in the lower graphics area

Averaging Method

Stable averaging is the same as summing together all of the spectrum estimates and dividing by the number of estimates.

Stable Average (N) =  (1 / N) x New Spectrum + (1 - (1 / N)) x Stable Average (N-1)

Peak Hold averaging retains in the final spectrum the peak value at each sample among all spectral estimates.

Peak Hold Average (N,J) = maximum (New Spectrum, Peak Hold Average (N-1,J) )