Animate Menu

This menu is also displayed when you right-click in the spreadsheet area.

Animate | Create M# Links

Creates M# Links for all or selected Points & directions on the model in a connected Structure window.

M# Links must be created on a structure model before shape data can be displayed in animation on the model from a Shape Table.

Connected Structure Window

When this command is executed and there are several Structure files in your Project,

Match Structure and Source DOFs

Before selecting this method, the following conditions are required,

M# Link Types

Translational M# Links

FEA Rotational M# Links

Scalar M# Links

Machine Rotational M# Links

Measurement Axes

Before creating M# Links on a model, the Measurement Axes at each measurement Point on the model must defined properly;

  1. The Measurement Axes at each measurement Point can be defined as Rectangular (X, Y, Z), Cylindrical (R, T, Z) , Spherical (R, T, P), or Machine (H, V, A).

  2. The Measurement Axes directions at each measurement Point must match a direction in the Roving DOF of the M# that was made at that Point

  3. The Measurement Axes must be oriented to coincide with the actual directions of measurement at each Point

  4. See the Measurement Axes section in the Structure Window Commands chapter for details

Multiple Reference Measurements

If the DOFs of the M#s in a Data Block contain multiple reference DOFs, the multiple M#s will the same reference DOF be added together when the M# Links are created on the model. For example, for the M#s with DOFs in the table below, the following M# Links will be created;

NOTE:  The sign of the Roving DOF is used to add terms to the M# Link.  The sign of the Reference DOF is ignored.

Link M#s Graphically

When this method is chosen, a dialog box is opened as shown below,

Graphical Links Creation.

Using Click Select

NOTE:  The Edit | Click Select command is also enabled when Link M#s Graphically is chosen.

DOF Creation

During Graphical M# Link creation,

Animate | Animate Shapes

Initiates animation in the connected Structure window using measurement data for the selected shape in the Shape Table.

Sweep Animation

When Animate | Method | Sweep is checked,

Dwell Animation

When Animate | Method | Sine Dwell is checked,

Stationary Dwell

When Animate | Method | Stationary Dwell is checked,

Which Data is Animated?

Selected M#s

Multiple Reference DOFs

M# Reference DOF Selection Box.

Terminating Animation