SDM | Interpolate Source M#s

This command uses the Linked M#s of a model in the Structure window to create Interpolated measurements (M#s).  The interpolated M#s are then saved into a new Data Block or Shape Table, depending on the current Animation Source..

Geometric interpolation is used to Interpolate between the Linked M#s for all Points & directions on the model. Each interpolation is a weighted summation of Linked M#s.

Animating Shapes from the Interpolated Source

After this command has been executed, the assigned M#s on the structure model must be replaced with new assigned M#s using the new interpolated M#s.

  1. Execute Animate | Assign M#s in the new Animation Source window

  2. Execute Animate | Animate Shapes in the new Animation source window to display shapes from the interpolated M#s