Modal Parameters Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is where all modal parameter estimates are displayed.

Each row of the spreadsheet contains modal parameter estimates for one mode.

Modal Parameters Spreadsheet

Select Mode Column

Frequency & Damping Columns

Residue Magnitude & Phase Columns

Methods Column

The curve fitting methods used to estimate the parameters of each mode are listed in the Frequency & Damping Method column, and the Residues Method column.  The following abbreviations are used for the curve fitting methods in the Basic Modal Analysis option,

Cursor Columns

These two columns contain the Band cursor positions that were used for Frequency & Damping curve fitting and for Residue curve fitting.

Showing & Hiding Spreadsheet Columns

All columns can be shown or hidden (except the Select column).

The File | Data Block Options box will open displaying the Show/Hide tab.

Reset Spreadsheet Column Widths

Editing Cells