Script Menu

The commands in this menu can be added to a Script window to automate the execution of these and other ME'scope commands.

Curve Fit | Stability Diagram

Creates a stability diagram by curve fitting all or selected M#s in a Data Block.


  1. Stability Method (AF Polynomial, Complex Exponential, Z Polynomial)

  2. Damping in Percent (Yes) or Hertz (No)

  3. Frequency Tolerance

  4. Damping Tolerance

  5. Min No. of Stable Poles

  6. Show All (yes or no)

  7. Poles (yes or no)

Curve Fit | Stability Reset

Resets all of the stability diagram parameters to default values.

Curve Fit | Save Stable Groups

Saves the average value of all of the Stable Pole Groups from the Stability diagram into the Modal Parameters spreadsheet.  The frequency & damping of all of the poles in a Stable Group are averaged together, and the average value of the poles in each Group is saved in the Modal Parameters spreadsheet.