The ME’scopeMSS Machine Surveillance Series is a network- based series of software packages that includes all of the tools you need to remotely monitor a wide variety of rotating machinery and structures. This series utilizes the ME’scope software as its foundation. Designed as a network-based machinery monitoring and preventative maintenance solution, the Machine Surveillance Series combines all the capabilities of a professional noise & vibration analysis software package with the simplicity of a red light–green light monitoring system.

With any ME’scopeMSS package, you can continuously acquire, post-process, archive, display, and analyze vibration, acoustic, temperature, pressure, voltage/current, flow rate, or any type of process variable from any rotating or reciprocating machinery.

The ME’scopeMSS software can also be housed in a Vibrant Mobile Carrying Case and located near the monitored machinery and equipment.  A phone modem can also be used to transmit data from remote locations to the Archival database. A network-based surveillance camera can also be mounted near the machine, and a live feed provided to the operator Console software.