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ME’scope is a series of software packages and options that makes it easier for you to acquire, analyze, observe and document noise & vibration in mechanical structures and operating machinery. You can use ME'scope to care out a wide variety of engineering tasks.

ME'scope can also be used as the "heart" of an acquisition & post-processing system for remotely monitoring, analyzing, and diagnosing failures in operating machinery or in structures such as bridges and wind turbines. When used together with its archival database and operator Console graphics software, ME'scope can be used for,

Animation of a Photo Realistic Model .

Animated Shape Display

All ME'scope packages contain a state-of-the-art interactive animated display of spatially defined shapes on a 3D model of a machine or structure.  Shape data such as an operating deflection shape (ODS), mode shape, acoustic intensity shape, or sound power through a surface can be displayed in animation on a photo realistic model, like the one shown above.  Displaying shapes in animation makes it easier to visualize and analyze structural noise & vibration problems.

Observing Vibration in Slow Motion

By animating the spatial response of a structure in slow motion, you can view overall motion of a structure, and the motion of one part relative to another.  Locations of excessive vibration or high noise levels are easily identified.