Installing an ME'scope Data Viewer

ME’scope can be used as a Data Viewer by others who do not own a valid ME’scope license.  Customers who are current on SMS for their license can share their ME'scope license and Project VTprj files with others who don’t have a valid ME'scope license on their computer.  After ME’scope has been installed on the friend’s computer it can be used as a Data Viewer for displaying data from a VTprj file.

  1. Send your VTprj file and a copy of your ME'scope License (vt######.vtl) file to the person wanting to use ME’scope as a Data Viewer, along with the following instructions,

  2. Download

  3. Copy the attached ME'scope License file (vt######.vtl) into the same folder as MEscope-Installer.exe

  4. Execute MEscope-Installer.exe to install ME’scope and the license file

  5. Execute Start Menu | All Programs | Vibrant Technology, Inc. | ME'scope Data Viewer