Display | Participation

Displays Participation values between pairs of shapes in two Shape Tables

Each Shape Table can contain ODS's, FEA Mode Shapes, EMA Mode Shapes, or Engineering Data Shapes.

What Is Shape Participation?

The complex Participation of vector {u} in vector {v} is defined by the equation

{u} (Participation) = {v}

Participation is calculated as the least-squared-error solution to the above equation with the formula,


Bar Chart of Participation Magnitudes.

Participation Window Commands

File | Copy Graphics to Clipboard

Copies the Participation window graphics to the Windows Clipboard.

File | Print

Prints the window graphics on the system graphics printer.

File | Close

Closes the Participation window.

Display | Spreadsheet

Displays the Participation values in a spreadsheet.

Display | 3D Bar Chart

Displays the Participation values in a 3D bar chart.

Display | Value

When checked, the Participation value for one shape pair is displayed on the 3D Bar Chart.

Display | Real Part, Imaginary Part, Magnitude

When checked, displays the Real Part, Imaginary Part or Magnitude of the Participation values in either a 3D Bar Chart or a spreadsheet.