Display Menu

This menu is also displayed when you right-click in the graphics area in an Acquisition window

Display | Center Acquisition Window

Centers the Acquisition window in the Work Area of the ME'scope window.

Repeated execution of this command alternately centers the window and returns it to its former position.

Display | M#s Spreadsheet

Moves the vertical blue splitter bar either to the left to display the M#s spreadsheet, or to the right to hide it.

Display | Acquisition Toolbars

If checked, the Toolbars are displayed in the Acquisition window.

Display | Active Graph

Toggles the active graph area between the upper and lower graph.

The properties of the measurements in the active graph are shown in the M#s spreadsheet.  

Display | Zoom, mooZ

Initiates a Zoom operation on the active graphs. mooZ restores the display of all samples of data in the active graphs

Display | Maximize

Maximizes the vertical (Y-axis) display of each active graph to make the data more visible.

Display | Fill Under Graph Menu

Display | Windowed M#s

Displays the time waveforms in the upper graph area following the application of a time domain window to them.

NOTE:  The time domain window is chosen in the Window Type column of the Channels spreadsheet. If Rectangular (or no) window is chosen, no time domain widow is applied to the waveforms.

Upper Graph Time Waveforms After the Hanning Window was Applied.