Display | SDI

Opens the Shape Difference Indicator (SDI ) window from a Shape Table.

What is a Shape Difference Indicator (SDI)?

A Shape Difference Indicator value is a quantitative measure of the difference between two complex shape vectors, {u} and {v}. SDI values range between 0 & 1;

SDI is calculated between two shapes {u} and {v} using the formula;


|| || - denotes the magnitude squared of the vector.


SDI 3D Bar Chart.

WARNING: Only the shape components with matching shape DOFs in the two Shape Tables are used to calculate SDI values.

SDI Window Commands

File | Copy Graphics to Clipboard

Copies the SDI window graphics to the Windows Clipboard.

File | Print

Prints the graphics on the system graphics printer.

File | Close

Closes the SDI window.

Display | Spreadsheet

Displays the SDI values in a spreadsheet.

Display | 3D Bar Chart

Displays the SDI values in a 3D bar chart.

Display | Values

When checked, the SDI value for one shape pair is displayed on the 3D Bar Chart.

Structure Options Animation Tab

A Show SDI control is added to the Animation Tab in the File | Structure Options box when this option is enabled.