Display Menu

This menu is also displayed when you right-click in the graphics area.

Display | Center Data Block Window

Centers the window in the Work Area of the ME'scope window.

Repeated execution of this command alternately centers the window and returns it to its former position.

Display | M#s Spreadsheet

Moves the vertical blue splitter bar either to the left to display the M#s spreadsheet, or to the right to hide the spreadsheet.

Display | Data Block Toolbars

If checked, the Toolbars are displayed in the Data Block window.

Display | Label on Graph

Displays the M# Label on each M# graph.

M# Label Displayed on a Graph.

Display | Zoom, mooZ

Zoom expands the display of the M#s in the graphics area by displaying fewer samples. mooZ restores the display of all samples.

Zoom Operation

Graphs During a Zoom Operation.

Graphs After Zoom.

Using the Mouse Wheel

The display will expand in the horizontal direction about the mouse position

Horizontal & Vertical Zoom

After executing the Zoom command

Panning After a Zoom

When the graphics display is zoomed, a horizontal scroll bar is displayed at the bottom of the graphics area. To pan the display along the X-axis direction,

Display | Maximize

Maximizes the Y-Axis display of the measurements in the graphics area to make the data more visible.

If the Real or Imaginary part of the measurements is displayed,

Graph Before Maximizing in a Cursor Band.

Graph After Maximizing in a Cursor Band.

Fill Under Graph | M# Color

If checked, each M# color is used to fill under each graph.

Each M# color is selected in the Color column of the M#s spreadsheet.

Fill Under Graph | Fill Colors

If checked, the + Fill & - Fill colors on the Display tab of the File | Data Block Options box are used to fill under each graph.

Display Tab Showing Fill Colors.

Fill Under Graph | Contour Colors

If checked, the colors on the Contour Colors tab of the File | Data Block Options box are used to fill under each graph.

Bode Plot Using Contour Colors to Fill Under the Graph.