Camera Settings

NOTE:  The (optional) Ethernet surveillance camera must be connected to a Power Over Ethernet (POE) box that supplies power to the camera, and also must be connected via an Ethernet cable to the Windows network router that also hosts the Archival Database

Configuring the Camera

Before the Panasonic camera can be used with a network router, you must first configure it using the “EasyIPConfig” software on the installation CD provided with the camera.  To configure the camera, you must connect the camera to your PC.

You should see the camera listed in the main window of the application.

This will start an internet browser so that you can view the output of the camera.  This action will require that you allow the camera to download and install some software onto your computer.

After you have verified the camera's function, you can configure it for use with the network router.

You may also want to consult the manual for the Panasonic SV-SW175 camera for more information.

After the fixed IP address is set, the camera is configured.

The camera's output can now be viewed wirelessly from external computers, and from the Console software.

Assigning the Camera to a Machine

NOTE:  To display camera images in Console, the camera must be assigned to a Machine (Site or Test Article) in the Archival Database

To assign the camera to a Machine (Site or Test Article),

The Settings window will open, as shown below:

NOTE:  If you change the user name & password values when you configure the camera, enter the same user name & password in this Settings window.

After these fields have been edited,

Images from the camera will now be available in the Console for the Machine to which the camera was assigned.

Camera Image in Machine (Site or Test Article) Gallery

After a camera has been assigned to a Machine (Site or Test Article), to display a live camera image in the Machine (Site or Test Article) Gallery,