FEA | Calculate Stress/Strain

This command uses an ODS or mode shape to deform an FEA model with FEA Solid Objects in it.

This command can executed from a Structure window containing an FEA model with FEA Tetras, FEA Prisms, or FEA Bricks attached to its Points (nodes).

When this command is executed a dialog box will open from which you select a Shape Table with ODS or Mode Shapes in it, as shown below.

When the calculation has completed, stress or strain values are added to the shapes as scalars.

  1. Save the new shapes into a Shape Table

  2. Execute Animate | Create M# Links in the Shape Table with the new shapes in it.

  3. Execute Animate | Animate Shapes

  4. Execute Animate | Contours | Contours Colors to display the stress or strain using contour colors.