Animate | Shape Scaling Menu

The commands in this menu scale the shapes differently from the Animation or Comparison Source during animation.

Shape Scaling | Auto Scaling

Enables Auto scaling of the animated shapes

Shape Scaling | Relative Scaling

Enables Relative scaling of the animated shapes

Data Block or Acquisition Traces

Shape Table

Shape Scaling | Fixed Scaling

Enables Fixed scaling of the animated shapes

Fixed Scale Example

If an animating structure model has the following values;

The largest structure coordinate = 100 Length Units.

The Animation Amplitude = 1.

The largest shape component (M# value) = 10.

To fix the maximum amplitude of an animated shape so that it is 20% of the largest structure coordinate.

Shape Amplitude = 0.20 x 100 = (Fixed Scale Factor) x (1) x (10)

Therefore:  Fixed Scale Factor = 20/10 = 2