If the VES-700 Multi-Channel Data Acquisition option is authorized by your ME'scope license, the following commands are enabled in the Acquisition window.  Check Help | About to verify authorization of this option


Acquisition Window.

This chapter contains descriptions of all of the commands in an Acquisition window. The Acquisition window is used for;

  1. Setting up a third party multi-channel hardware acquisition front end and acquiring fixed length blocks of digitized time waveforms from it

  2. Post-processing blocks of time waveforms and calculating most of the popular single-channel and cross-channel measurement functions

  3. Displaying Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS's) directly from measurement data on a 3D model in a connected Structure window

Graphics Areas & Spreadsheets

The Acquisition window contains a graphics area on the left, and tabs and spreadsheets on the right.

Menu Commands

Menu command descriptions are ordered by command menu (from left to right), and then by the commands in each menu (from top to bottom).